Deepening the Dreamtime

taught by Sarah MacLean Bicknell

Course description

Deepening the Dreamtime is the follow-up course to the Dreamer and the Messenger. It covers visitations, the dead and the departed, and how to transmute the messages of nightmares into a constructive place in your life.  What if your ragged sharp dreams were your greatest opportunities for transformation.  Dreams are like shadow boxes within which we can observe the cycles of life and death

This course is for advanced dreamers and anyone looking to continue deepening their relationship with the dreamtime. 

Note: Dreamer and the Messenger is a prerequisite to Deepening the Dreamtime, as it builds on top of the foundational material provided in Dreamer and the Messenger. 

What you will learn

  • The importance of nightmares and how they help you move the stuck places in your life.  
  • Visitations can happen in dreams.
  • The common human thread between our ancestors and our lives is the dreamtime.
  • That grace and beauty through dreamtime gives rise to unfolding light into our world.
  • The power of communicating dreaming and dream groups.

What you will get

  • 2 video lessons
  • 1 handout to assist you in working through nightmares.

What you will need

  • Dreamer and the Messenger is a prerequisite to Deepening the Dreamtime, as it builds on top of the foundational material provided in Dreamer and the Messenger.
  • Computer or mobile device with an internet connection that supports streaming videos.

How it works

  • After you've registered, you'll receive access to the video lessons and handouts for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Sarah MacLean Bicknell
Sarah MacLean Bicknell
Dream Mentor

Sarah MacLean Bicknell, born in England with Scottish ancestry, is a healer, teacher, mentor, and dreamer. She has studied healing, visionary, and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 28 years. She has incorporated her Gaelic dreaming roots into her present North American practice and is sought out for her intuitive readings, dreamwork, teachings, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She has a lifetime dream practice and has been a reader of Tarot since she was 14 years old. Sarah is the keeper of Night Turtle Dance, a three night-day ceremony which occurs every Summer in the Pacific Northwest, USA

To recall our dreams consciously is to be active in the dreaming in of a new world dream. A dream that is connected creates a potential new future that desires to emerge out of the present moment.

Dreaming is an art, a way of seeing and walking in the world that creates inner space, greater health and well being.

Whether you recall your dreams today or not, I offer a dreaming practice that delivers and expands your capacity to recall your dreams which is to be involved in the unfolding of your life. A practice that builds relationship to your invisible world alongside practical help for the visible. One that gives meaning and vitality, developing a language for you to communicate with your soul, ancestors and whats happening next in your life. 

Why is it important to dream today and engage with a practice that enhances the recall?

How is it that the human body carries the inner technology that engages us directly with the healing capacities of dreaming. A connection to information leading to a rebalancing of our lives

How does amnesia contribute to the ongoing nightmare that we currently live in

Are we the seed of our Ancestor's dreaming unfolding as a plant up into the sunlight?

Course Curriculum

Lesson 2: Standing on Whales; Fishing for Minnows
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